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Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami

To equip the young ones with the qualities of a good citizen and those of an even better human being.

To make them morally strong and socially responsible so that they may become ideal working professionals in the years to come.

Bullying Committee

 Following are the member of anti-bullying committee:

1. Mr. Pradeep Chandra Gupta (Member Secretary)
2. Mr. Chandan Kumar Jha (Management Representative)
3. Mr. Gyanesh (Legal Representative)
4. Mr. Ashish (Counselor)
5. Mr. Suresh Kumar Yadav (Parent Representative)
6. Mr. Chetan Kumar Sharma (Teacher Representative)
7. Ms. Karishma Subba (Teacher Representative)
8. Ms. Rama Singh (Teacher Representative)
9. Mr. TuhinSubhra Manna (Teacher Representative)
10. Head Boy (Student Representative male)
11. Head Girl (Students Representative female)
Objectives of the Committee:
Giving students pertinent, realistic information, adapted to their age and developing stage, about forms of bullying and prevention strategies.
Fostering students’ awareness of their values as individuals, their rights and their responsibilities, as well as those of others.
Encouraging the development of students’ abilities and skills.
Increasing the range of choices available to students in their daily lives.
Ensuring that students have access to a range of effective community resources that respect their rights.
Fostering mutual support and cooperation among students.
Expanding students support systems by developing a network of respectful and supportive adults.
Raising public awareness and mobilizing the community around the issue of bullying prevention.
Pradeep Chandra Gupta Satish Kumar Jha
(Principal) (President)